Young men and women shouldn’t let false advertising destroy their self-confidence. Photoshop has a huge effect on everyone’s confidence especially with the younger generation. Wether they’ve dramatically used photoshop cs5 editing photos or simply just touched a couple of areas here and there, below are some reasons why all photoshop should be banned.

Photoshop is unhealthy

The figures of some models who are photoshopped are at unachievable weight levels. Photoshopped images of models bombard the public almost everywhere. Wether you look at the bus stops, in shops or online, there will be a photoshopped model not so far away. This cannot be healthy, especially to the younger generation who are admiring these models.

False advertising has become too accepted

Ever seen a picture of a perfectly swirled Mcflurry, but then been extremely disappointed when you received yours? The use of photoshop has been overused to a point where photoshopped images almost bear no resemblance to the original photo or idea, especially in good advertising. Advertisers sometimes sell a fake image of the product rather than the real product.

The models

Models are also affected badly by photoshop. Yes, it is their job but I believe we should allow models to feel confident with their bodies too. When posters look so dramatically different to the photo shoot, it is unhealthy for everyone involved.

Missing one leg

Missing one arm

Got a strong arm there

Oh! he took my hand

The wall got those curves

Be sure not to pose on wall with straight line

Meghan Trainor posted a picture of her, side by side of what she really looks like in real life and in music video which been edited.

A photo of Miranda Kerr has been posted during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and when Kerr posted that similar photo, it was noticed that Kerr’s waistline is smaller than the original photo.


Jennifer Lawrence cover shows an Photoshop failure, it was noticed that her waistline is more thinned than the original one and her collarbone and cheekbones are pronounced.

Washington posted on Instagram as she express that she felt weird, on how she looks like on the cover compared on what she looks like in real life.


A star of Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson (26) took to Instagram as she express her reaction on the poster circulating around in the internet as the Photoshop editing was way too much.

Paris Hilton smooth skin appeared on the cover a barbie like.

Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony has 2 right feet.

Netizens criticized Maxim for editing Priyanka Chopra’s armpits.

The belly button of Gisele Bundchen went missing on the cover

The latest Wolverine poster, shows Logan hand with a child extra fingers.